Our Services

Residential Window Cleaning

Photo of our residential window cleaning service

Our water fed pole system is the safe way to clean your upstairs windows.

Pure Clean Window Cleaning offer residential window cleaning services throughout Mid Wales and the Borders regions. We have invested in the pure water fed pole system because extensive research has shown it to be superior to traditional window cleaning methods, offering not only the safest but also the most effective way of cleaning your windows.

We also use our professional cleaning equipment to offer cleaning of conservatories, fascias, soffits, doors, garages and cladding.

Find out more about the system, what we do and how it works on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Pure Clean Window Cleaning understand the importance of first impressions for modern businesses. Ensuring that your windows and doors are spotlessly clean and shiny creates a great first impression as soon as your customers arrive at your premises.

Photo of our commercial window cleaning service

Clean doors and windows create the right first impression for business premises.

With our professional pure water fed window cleaning equipment, we can also clean your signage, cladding and fascias.

What We Do

When we visit your premises, we bring with us our own supply of purified water. Lightweight but durable water fed poles extend to allow us to reach all floors of your building to clean the windows without using unstable and unsafe ladders like traditional window cleaners. On the end of each pole is a soft brush through which the purified water is pumped. The soft bristles gently loosen any dirt away from your windows and the purified water lifts it away from the surface of the glass.

Photo of our commercial window cleaning service

Health & Safety is a major consideration for us, from early risk assessments to use of warning signs and PPE.

After we rinse your windows, removing all the dirt and grime, all that is left is 100% pure water. This evaporates away without leaving any "watermarks" so that you are left with perfectly clear, clean windows.

Health and Safety & Insurance

Before we start any window cleaning work on your premises we carry out an exhaustive Risk Assessment and write Method Statements taking into consideration all the relevant working conditions, various appropriate types of access, any work at height requirements, necessary equipment, and other appropriate considerations. We will send you a copy of all relevant documents. We are individually fully insured to protect you and your premises as well as ourselves.

For more information, or to answer any queries you have, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.